Best (budget) Lights for Tattooing

Posted by on 23rd January 2018

review of lights that improves tattooing work

When tattooing it is important to see what you are doing.

This is a review on lights that we are using in the shop. They are useful and fairly cheap lights that give good light.


Pros of big lights:

Soft and bright light

Don’t cast sharp shadows

Can be placed far enough to avoid cross contamination

Cons of big lights:



Pros of head torch:

Bright enough

Doesn’t cast shadows because of placement

Can be used touch free

Cons of heat torch:

Looks funny

Have to recharge of change batteries


Pros of regular floor lamp:

It is OK

Better than nothing

Cons of regular floor lamp:

Have to place close

Can get in a way

Have to wrap and unwrap


P.S. Safety first so don’t forget to weight big lights down so don’t tip over.


All the lights and more listed on a kit list: