Books for Tattoo References

Posted by on 6th February 2018

Useful books for creating tattoo designs and improving your drawing.

When learning tattooing it is good to be surrounded with good examples and not always tattoo artist is around or have time for you and that is when books come in handy.

In this video we are going through different types of books such us books like a compilation of different shop and artists that is more like a catalogs and they are usually in shop fronts where everyone can check them out. Second type of books would be flash books which is also useful for tattoo clients but since they are more specific and usually more of a value then you don’t want to hand them for the reasons like – book might be mistreated or people can misunderstand idea of a design. And third type of books would be reference books that are pictures of objects, humans, animals and art books in general that you as a tattooist would use for making your tattoo designs and improving your drawing skills.

Most of the books that are in video are also listed on following page:

And few more:

One book that is not in the kit but definitely is a must for everyone trying to figure tattooing out is – Reinventing The Tattoo by Guy Aitchison. Check it out if you can find it.

Check collection of Latvian tattoo artists in a book “Tinte” Tattoo Story.