Celebrity Tattoos

Posted by on 14th December 2017

talk and reactions on biggest tattoo trend setters – famous people

Talk on celebrity tattoos.

Celebrities are biggest trend setters in tattooing. In this talk we are talking on what are biggest trendsetters while we are working in tattooing and a little bit of what we know from before. Number one trend setter in our shop in Justing Bieber and his funny owl tattoo, then it is Rhiana with her underboob tattoo and roman numerals on around collar bone area. Tiger tattoo for the guy from Maroon 5 have been brought in a bunch of time and then we found out that Miley Cyrus have a lot of minimalistic style tattoos.

Influencers from few years back are definitely David Beckham, Rhiana, Lady Gaga and many more. We tried to remember and mention as many as we could recall.