Face tattoos and tattoos in visible places

Posted by on 2nd November 2017

visible tattoos – good of bad for your future

This episode was inspired by a guy on news who got his face tattooed in prison to scare enemies and when he got out he was upset that he can’t get a job.

Well if you put a war paint on face and then you are upset that people are worried then something does not add up.

Visible and face tattoos are common 2017 BUT there is a reason why they are called job stopper and you have heard about first impression and often them tattoos will be first thing that other people will see and react to that and even though it is 21st century there are a lot of people with old school way of thinking. It is nothing bad to have visible tattoos and in many situation and professions it doesn’t change a thing. Problem starts when people complain about having visible tattoos and then blame tattoos or people who don’t like them like employers or maybe just someone onĀ  a street. Often it is not only visible tattoo that is a problem – often it is the quality or aesthetics or meaning behind it. You can’t really compare very well planned piece that compliments body and is nice to look at to the same size and placement trashy or joke tattoo.

Watch it, have fun and enjow