How not to look for tattoo apprenticeship and nasty tattoo shop story

Posted by on 2nd November 2017

crazy tattoo shop story and how not to look for tattoo apprenticeship

How not to look for tattoo apprenticeship:

Every now and then we have people asking for tattoo apprenticeship. We are not looking for apprentice at the moment and that is ok that people ask for one. Sometimes we get really nice art portfolios and you can see that art side is covered and message is really nice and you can tell that person is dedicated or at least they know how to leave that impression. And then there is other kind of people – they send in couple of scratchy drawings acting like all – look at this and sort of you have to take me, sometimes they have done some tattoos already that are far from great. Attitude is like you will teach me now and I will be awesome. I mean good luck and it might work in some places. What we would or any other place would look in potential apprentice is what is in for them – mostly what value apprentice can provide to shop in exchange for knowledge and what is the point of teaching someone.

Get your act together kids 🙂

Nasty customers:

Unfortunately that story can not be found on facebook anymore it was probably removed but still. It is a story about some nasty customer and professional tattoo artist. Most of tattooists would kick that guy out but here is how polite and pro tattoo artist can be. Guy was getting tattoo on his butt – walking around shop bottom naked, going out for cigarette and taking a dump there covering it with some grass leaving poo stains all over the place and in the end sharting out some stone ball.

Crazy stuff and thumbs up for tattooist to handling madness like that