How to set up tattoo station

Posted by on 14th July 2017

Setting up tattoo station to keep environment safe and avoid cross contamination

This is a standard way to set up tattoo station in the shop where we work.

We show this to our artist, apprentices and people who help us on some busy days or events.

Main steps to follow:

  • spray surfaces that will be covered with plastic wrap (cling film) so it sticks and cover them
  • cover clip cords, machines and spray bottles
  • put all things necessary for work on station – ink cups, petroleum jelly¬†or whatever ointment is used, paper tissues etc
  • remove everything else – no ink bottles, scissors, markers should be left on a work station while tattooing.

The idea of this video for the viewers who are interested is to think about what you will touch with contaminated gloves and what needs to be covered and when gloves needs to be changed. In our shop we have shops provided supplies like inks and many other things that all tattooists are using and we are doing our best to keep environment clean and safe.

Video in how to break down tattoo station below: