How to take pictures of tattoos and piercings

Posted by on 5th March 2018

how to make tattoo or piercing portfolio

Your portfolio is often your future customers first impression of your work and maybe even you.

Sometime you can get carried away with documenting your work of some particular details of that you don’t see the whole picture and that where things can go wrong without you noticing. Common mistakes are having messy backgrounds with either station after work that is covered in dirty paper towels or having some random stuff in background or having some other customer being in pain getting tattooed by your colleague.

Top tips would be to have a good light and compose your shots so you can clearly see what you are looking at. Things that help could be additional light or moving your subject closer to window. In terms of gear used if you have a good phone then they can handle all sorts of situations very well… if not you can throw on a little ring light that is pretty cheap and you can buy it in places like amazon or some accessory shops. If you are using DSLR or mirrorless camera then you are open to even more options. Best upgrade would be nice prime lens – they usually have lower F stop therefore they get more light in what helps with low light situations and they give you blurred out background which helps you to separate you artwork from background and on that note can hide some unnecessary things going on on the back. If lucky you might have dedicated photo wall in your place of work and that is the best option, if not there are always some hacks like find your favorite wall or use some window blinds or curtains as a backdrop.

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