Sketchy Tattoo Design Story

Posted by on 23rd May 2018

tattoo design that seems nazi for people who are looking for problems everywhere

Carlos have a story about one of his first tattoos that he got. It was sort of nineties new school skull without any meaning in it. Cool design with cartoonish skull with eight balls in it’s eyes. And obviously like all cool kids he posted it online and then…. And then somebody calls him nazi. Being all confused and asking why is that and is person being a dick or crazy he is recommended to look it up and turns out that numbers 8 and 8 stands in some weird way for Mr. Hitler ( which is not good ). The point here though is that not all tattoos have meanings and this was just meant to be a cool tattoo but there often will be someone who will look for problems in everywhere they can. Often tattoo is just a tattoo.