Talk on What Customers do that Makes our Work Harder

Posted by on 13th April 2017

Things you don’t want to do in a tattoo shop

In this one we are talking about few things customers do that does not help our work at all.

Things we talked about:

  • People who can’t make up their mind and never know what they like
  • Customers who keep changing their mind
  • Clients who bring in all their friends and families
  • Them who think that it alright to sit with a sandwich next a person being tattooed
  • and bad hygiene ;(


  • Do your homework – do research on tattoos you like the motive, style, size and placement. Get some reference pictures if possible and then go to shop
  • If you like artists portfolio and on consultation you have talked everything out then most likely you will love your tattoo… You can ask your friends opinions but don’t forget to listen to yourself because you are the one who will have tattoo
  • Don’t bring in huge support crews – it is good to have someone with you so you are more comfortable and feel safe. For most of people process is kind of boring and they just sit around and wait for you to be done.
  • If you are hungry, ask people in the shop where it is good idea to have your snack, there is waiting areas and staff rooms and all sort of options. Tattoo and piercing shops are places of high hygiene for your own safety.
  • Look after your hygiene, people are working with your body… respect that