Tattoo Aftercare chit chat

Posted by on 9th March 2017

In this video we are chatting about tattoo aftercare. What is the products we have used and what best tattoo aftercare for us. Experiences and stories and some crazy sh!t we have heard of.

In this video we are talking about aftercare products and methods we have worked with as well as some interesting stories we have heard of.

There are different products like Tattoo Goo, Easy Tattoo, Panthenol creams, second skin aftercare like Dermalize. We are not mentioning brands because there are too many out there and this is not product review or advertisement talk.

Our favorite cream turned out to be Easy Tattoo because of ease of use or it could be anything similar as long as it works and easy to apply. Bepanthen and some other creams like G-Line is a bit too thick and sticky so it is a bit less comfortable to work with – they still work great in terms of healing. Waxy products like Tattoo Goo are great for smaller pieces but for bigger tattoos takes forever to apply and when/if tattoo scabs up it is even harder to apply. Our absolute favorite is “second skin” tape in this video we have one from Dermalize there is also other brands making it like 3M and probably others it is most comfortable to use with only downside that it is tricky to apply.