Tattoo Cover ups

Posted by on 2nd November 2017

tattoo cover up video on things what can be covered and what not

Tattoo cover up is one of the ways to deal with a tattoo that is not done well or for some reason person does not want it any more.

Sometimes it can be done easy and sometimes it is impossible or close to impossible. If person wants cover up to be light and with open spaces then best option before cover up is to get few laser session to lighten it up and that opens more options for covering it. Sometimes people want it to be gone and they will say – just black it out put a square over it and sometimes it works it might not be always beautiful to look at but it works. Sometimes it doesn’t because old tattoo might be raised and that texture will be seen on a blacked out tattoo.

Cover up tattoo will always be darker and larger (if lucky same size) than piece that needs to be covered.

One way or another it is always best to come down to tattoo shop for a consultation. Always talk with tattoo artist and check portfolios. Don’t force tattoo artist into trying to cover just because you want it and trust them if they say that it will not work. Last thing you want is not to be happy with cover up and then trouble is at least double.