Tattoo Trends

Posted by on 14th December 2017

Check out what we know about trends in tattooing

Talk on tattoo trends we have experience while being around tattooing and things we hear of before us.

Trends may be different depending on what is cool at the time and also depending on area where are you located. At the moment biggest trend is all the minimalist style tattoos and all the small things people can find on Pinterest. Latest trends that are slowly dying off are dream catchers and owls. Around 8 years ago it was time when star tattoo turned from being cool to being mainstream cool around same time some football players get into tattooing and everyone started to want black and grey sort of religious sleeves.

Things before us being it tattoo business as we could recall was tribal and later biomechanical tattoos not even talking about longer time ago with all that oldschool stuff.

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