Tattoos Hurt and it sucks

Posted by on 15th February 2018

how to deal with tattoo pain

Pain of getting a tattoo can be pretty bad and that is what happens when you get your skin stabbed with needles hundreds of times a second.

In our experience we have had customers using cream pills and what not. It is really a sketchy subject on all the numbing stuff because some of it comes from depths of  internet of from some medicine related friend and sometimes they work and sometimes they don’t. But anything more serious that what you can get from pharmacy without prescription is gambling with your own health because there’s always a reason for doctors to check up on you before giving you that stuff. Well creams from pharmacy work if you follow instructions and we strongly recommend to talk with your GP before using them. As a tattoo artists we can only recommend to have a good rest before session, get a good meal before, wear something comfortable and be mentally and physically prepared for your tattoo sessions.

There are some people that like more alternative ways of dealing with pain. One of them would be smoking some medicino greeno and that from what we know can work both ways – some people say it helps them and some people have opposite reaction and they are more sensitive and sometimes freak out. Popular myth is alcohol but it have never worked as a numbing for tattoo. Maybe you get more brave and careless but usually it just hurts and person is more drunk, move more and generally get more annoying on top of all that.

We heard of some crazy stories of use of some stronger drugs or crazy strong medicine – but all we can say about that is …. Don’t do drugs and be safe