Why Tattoo Shops Ask for a Deposit

Posted by on 21st February 2018

what is tattoo deposit and why should I pay it

Why tattoo shops ask for a deposit?

Either tattoo or piercing or anything else when you book a time shops may ask for a deposit.

What is a deposit?

It is some amount of money towards you session that is usually deducted from final price of whatever you are getting. The a amount might be different from place to place and artist to artist.

Can I loose my deposit?

Yes you can. And again rules are different from place to place but you loose it most likely if you don’t show up to the session or cancel out “last minute”

Why should I pay deposit?

You should pay deposit so the place or artist know that you are serious about coming there. And their time is as valuable as your money. If you change your mind suddenly or for what ever reason you don’t show the shop or artist could have somebody else in at that time.