Why Tattoos are so Expensive

Posted by on 22nd December 2017

Why tattoos are expensive and what makes costs of tattoo

Talk with owner of the Elektrisk Tatovering in Odense, Denmark

Owner of the shop running since 2010. Interesting experience from a guy who was just a regular customer and became tattoo shop owner. As he says he was surprised how many things are happening behind the scenes and that is also what makes price of tattoo. Obviously skill of tattoo artist first priority towards the artwork and then other as important things play they part. Part of tattoo price is running costs like: rent, supplies ( for tattooing and piercing as well as all the products to keep environment clean and safe), bills, all sorts of courses like hygiene class and other seminars…

Second video from conversation with Lars.

This little look in what could tattooing in Denmark be like in future. As a head of PDT (association of Denmark professional tattooists) he is visiting all the meeting with government institutions that are working on new laws and regulations for tattooing. And the following video we talk what could it look like in near future.

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